e-Commerce is NOT only transaction online

It is way of life Get on the band
wagon before it is "TOO LATE"

e-Commerce Solutions

Enable, Facilitate and GROW

e-Commerce was the buzz word which caused ".com boom & then .com bubble bust", an natural progression on any technology trend, this happened when humanity invented electricity, when we invented electronics and not in to far past when laser was invented. Now we don't throw fancy projections, financial expert reports or quote a Guru that e-Commerce is going to happen. WHY? because it happened !!!! yes it has become a past tense preposition.

However e-Commerce is one of the MOST miss-understood word in IT and web world.

e-Commerce can be understood in web world as someone able to take a payment online and sell a product or a service online. At the same time it can mean ebay.com also. There is a HUGE difference being a website able to facilitate taking payments online versus entire service offering and pure presence of the entire business entity on just THE WEB SITE itself.

IT Niche facilitates you going online and enabling you performing these basic function like:

Simplistic Process Map

  • Engage User
  • Offer Service or products
  • Facilitate a sale
  • Conclude an happy transaction

Extensive Process Map

  • Engage User
  • Display product & service
  • Facilitate a sale
  • Manage supplier
  • Mange order full fulfillment
  • Manage Point of Sale (in retail)
  • Manage Inventory Management System
  • Manage Accounting processes
    • Intake of revenue
    • Disbursement of funds
    • paying of all parties involves (much more, including uncle Sam)
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Client management

This example is but an abridged e-Commerce model. one can only imagine the complexity involved from model to model. It all depends on what is mandated in your business model.

IT Niche facilitates your online business objectives, small to mid-range to large enterprise until it becomes absolutely necessary for your entity to hire, manage and monitor this process in-house. Indeed it is a good & bad news for IT Niche for a client to leave IT Niche and require an in-house resource to manage their own team. Bad in the sense that we lose a revenue base but a good news is that our client is growing. We never lost a client to growth we just switched role - we become their premium advisor.

Call IT Niche and avail a no obligation consultation . There is NO risk. You have everything to gain. We understand that not every consultation is going to translate into a sign up. However we treat each consult as it is our bread and butter and blessing.

Yet another better option, just send us your business plan & objective. We will study it and provide you answers for your specific immediate questions. If we can't help you we will let you know who can.