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Service Overview

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IT Niche is a custom website solution provider and Internet marketing firm designed to help businesses and organizations enhance their online presence and branding. Head Quartered in Memphis, TN, USA and with a state of art company owned production center in Hyderabad, India. IT Niche works to provide top-shelf service and products which empowers you to compete with big names in your vertical.

IT Niche works with businesses of all sizes and in any industry by providing:

Custom Website Design

IT Niche offers on-site consultation combined with offshore development to provide quality custom websites at affordable price. By working together with you in person, we can create strategies and goals for your online presence.

Once we are clear on what needs to be done, we plug-in our off-shore support to bring speed to implementation and cost savings to your project by leveraging economic differentials prevalent by use of our offshore facility.

Design Develop Deploye Manage Enhance Ongoing Support.


Once you have designed your website the way you want it to look and function, then it must be up and running 24X7X365. Reliable hardware support from a reliable team will ensure this will happen.

At IT Niche we deloyee your project and products on our leased dedicated servers providing us 100% control. This allows us to efficiently control uptime and performance of your online presence effectively and eliminates any third party dependencies which you may encounter by hosting somewhere else.

Converging World Workplace


Having implemented an esthetic and functional presence online we have just started a long time journey. Keeping this online presence error free and revisiting it with business intelligence methodologies to keep up with modification and enhancement is what IT Niche will do for you.

We keep your website W3C compliance, optimized for broken links, unforeseen errors or be it periodic performance report on how the site is performing on different search engines is needed. IT Niche provides you monthly report which includes your Alexa and Google reports.


Everything changes except the law of change is the nature of ever evolving universe, hence it is but natural that your on-line presence will need regular enhancements and modifications.

This is where you main differentiator comes in working with IT Niche. We understand and keep it a prime objective to extend whatever support your need available for your be it graphics, web deployment of new functionalities, integration of new tools or simple thing as adding additional features which you deem fit in time to come.

All you have to do is just beck and call us. Our support team of qualified professional are available for your ongoing support.


Of course by now you are aware that it takes many subject matter experts with diverse skills to create one website.

We have professional Graphic Design, Web Developers, Web Programmer and QA Testers to work on taking your immediate challenges. Once we have completed your project we invite our highly trained Search Engine Optimization professional to work on your project and assure that it has all the credentials to be accepted by search engines.

Our team of specialize Internet Marketing experts then are ready to plug-in their talent to make sure you are being found and starting to rank better on different search engines.

At IT Niche you can request us ANY skill you might need for a given challenge your might address, we will be glad to provide you access to that specific talent.

Domain Expertise Process Optimization