Welcome to our "Independent Business Ownership" (IBO) a Franchise Program.

IT Niche introduces our "Reseller" & Virtual
Client Office (VCO) Program

Franchise Opportunity

Partnership & Synergy is KEY to Success.

If you are interested in starting your own business with protected territory please call us. We will set your business & provide you with required collateral and training. IT Niche provides 360 degree support to ensure your success.

Be your "Own Boss", your hard work should reward you with "Proportionate and Perpetual" revenues, one of these many programs from IT Niche will fit you. The key for today's global success is synergy partnerships. IT Niche has subject matter expertise and production capabilities for "Web Technologies". We are actively looking to associate with local resource to represent us in all major cities across the globe. We provide complete hand holding for your new venture. An on-site training at our US and India location. A dry run of launching your own business before you buy it.

A business opportunity at NO cost to you unless you actually start making revenues for yourself. How powerful is this.

Independent Business Ownership (IBO)

  • Very Little Start-Up Cost
  • Complete "Process Training"
  • Pre-sales Support
  • Complete Implementation Support
  • On-Going Support
  • Marketing Support

Partnership/Reseller Program

  • Extremely Low cost Start-Up
  • White Label Branding Support
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Enhanced Virtual Office
  • On-Going Support
  • Marketing Support

Referral Program:

We understand that not every business is set up to desire to include full-fledged website development as part of their service offerings. When you are visiting your clients and come across an opportunity where your client can benefit from IT Niche service offerings. We would love for you to make that connection. IT Nice will not only do it's best to support your referral with competent and professional advice. We will actually credit your account with either IT Niche work credit hours or just a direct incentive cash return.

"A lead is a lead, if it generates revenues for us, it should do the same for you too".

When we get a referral from you, you automatically become one of our team member in making sure we deliver. We share end to end process, documents, pricing and development details with you. You get included into entire process to the extent you wish too. Our entire team will open up their processes to you. You will have access to our production server and project management tools. We just have one common goal, Which is:

100% Satisfaction of your referral, which bring you the credibility which you deserve.

Set up an appointment today with our corporate office, we will invite you for an extended process study session. We will show you every step of the way where you will learn how it all work.