Take your "Church Congregation" on-line with Suave

A Custom Website with 15 different functional modules to chose from A complete solution for your "Peer-to-Peer" communication

Solutions for Churches (e-Church)

Your Church is Unique - It's website should be Unique.

e-Church is a powerful solution for churches at extremely affordable price point. We understand that a church is an endowment based institution. However church needs all the help it can get to facilitate the seamless operations it needs to perform. Be it updated event calendar or need to reach entire congregation in real time. it is critical for church to have a access to multiple tools and leverage new age technologies to have effective out reach.


Member Registration

This module allows an individual to register as a member of your church.

Event Calendar

The administrator of the website can publish an event for private or public viewing.

Message Board

Any message which needs to be published either for private or public viewing can be doing with a click of...


A BLOG is a very powerful tool to publish and share any multimedia content.

Prayer Request form

By using this feature, the site users can submit prayer requests online which can be directed automatically...


This feature allows each member to publish a classified ad to either sell services or goods.

Content Management

Administrator can manage the entire content of the website through a click and publish interface.

Electronic Mailer

This feature allows you to send any number of letters, initiations, news, updates, minutes of meetings and...