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Marketing methods must evolve accordingly. Today, a company needs to know, understand and interact with each customer - even talk to its 'users': they test, comment, recommend a product. They should be considered as actors in their own production processes and sales. To do this, social networks are of great use. They are a source of information that should not be underestimated by companies. However, social networks and explicit data on it cannot allow themselves a deep knowledge of the users of a brand. Companies have understood: they need to segment, target, customize their marketing campaigns based on the knowledge they have of their clients, in order to have a granular approach to their customer base.

To do this, they must gather as much data from multiple channels to obtain implicit information about the desires of their consumers. This is where Customer Intelligence in the marketing process. It enables companies to customize a marketing campaign through explicit and implicit behaviours of users of their products (their age, their industry, products or brands they buy, frequency and regency of these purchases, the fact they "like" this page on Facebook ...) and especially to automate this customization. Using Customer Intelligence, a company can offer the right products to the right customers at the right times and thus get much more satisfactory conversion rate (called an increase of over 60% of the performance of a targeted campaign! ).

Here are some techniques:

The diffusion profile: Post your profile and Heal (Facebook, LinkedIn, Video, Twitter ...) through your communications media (websites, blogs ..) or through your regular newsletters. Your profile is both: your business card, your expertise and your references.

The distribution of content: Enjoy different social platforms Bookmarking (Digg, Reditt), micro blogging (Twitter, Tumblr) and other widely to spread your content and let you know. Do not hesitate, for a company to create and animate his blog regularly: Reply to comments and user feedback is essential.

Evolve its content: Take your media and adapt them to suit the audience and Social platform targets. Slide Share is a good way to broadcast your presentations. Feel free to make your own Podcasts / Videos / Images to inform you or to publicize your brand or service. Above all, the content is a way to get in touch with others on social networks by engaging in discussions. Your content must adhere to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines are the most used way to find information online. Employ SEO keyword ways to position yourself in the search results. Regularly check your positioning using free tools such WebCEO. Also, do not neglect the above rules concerning the management of content. Search engines also take into account the contents in social media and networks: Blogs, Pictures, Videos and Podcasts are your ambassadors.

Control of trends constantly: Stay tuned market and consumer opinion. There are a multitude of web monitoring tools (Monitoring Tools). These tools will help you follow the advice / quotes about you and respond if necessary.

Online Marketing will evolve with the evolution of the Web.