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Lead Generations Processes

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Lead generation is the set of actions to establish business contacts more or less qualified. These leads can then be your potential clients.

A Lead Generation process goes beyond simple advertising or marketing contacts since there is normally identification and roughly pushed to the sales contact qualification. A true lead generation process map is intensive and very involved step by step effort which includes research and using lots of software tools and cutting edge technologies integrated with your website.

IT Niche Vision
  • Implement a lead generation strategy (sales contact) winning both quantity and quality
  • Identify partners, mechanical and relevant sources for the company
  • Leverage tools and technology to streamline the process.
IT Niche Vision
  • Analyze the need
  • Identify the key players in the design
  • Framing the project: write a note to launch and communicate
  • Building a realistic schedule
  • Budgeting Project
  • Organize and control the development process
  • The challenges of lead generation

Identify different ways to generate leads: direct marketing, web and social networks, events and webinar, telemarketing are few to name. Each involves using our third party vendor relationship, integration of their tools and getting the job done for you.

With expertise in lead generation on the internet, we make you enjoy the latest techniques in the field, allowing you to set up an effective and sustainable strategy.

From traffic acquisition for ROI analysis, through the optimization of landings pages, we work on every key step in lead generation, allowing you to not only target the right users, but also and especially convert them into qualified leads.

Justifying you ROI and making it rewarding for you the name of game

We advise you in different techniques to implement to acquire qualified leads, and train your teams to optimize to best manage these leads.

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